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Wavin Soil and Waste

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Soil pipes

Soil pipes, also known as soil vent pipes, are used to transport wastewater and sewage into the sewer. It is installed to take wastewater from upper floor toilets, baths and sinks into the underground drainage system.

The difference between soil and waste pipes is that soil pipes carry water and solids into the sewer from your toilet, bidet or urinal. In contrast, waste pipes carry wastewater only from your sinks, washing machines, baths, showers and other appliances that use water.

Soil pipes are manufactured from PVC-U for their strength and durability properties.


Soil and Waste pipe systems

Wavin offers you a comprehensive choice of systems and products for managing wastewater. Choose the system and the materials that best suit your specific project requirements.


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Specialist Seal Technology

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High Performance Pipes with
Recycled Content

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Specialist Fittings

Waste traps and valves

Waste traps for sinks are a crucial piece of waste pipework and are designed to carry the sink's dirty water away from a property after use and ensure that no smells or bacteria can get back into the structure by creating a water seal to the atmosphere or drains.

Waste traps are an essential part of any plumbing system, preventing wastewater, odours, bacteria, insects or pests from entering your property through the pipework. Wavin offers a comprehensive range of siphons, traps and connectors for sinks, showers, baths and WCs. Our products are durable and easy to fit. Our range even includes waterless siphons which are not prone to failure caused by evaporation.

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Unique self-sealing
waste valves

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Prevent the escape of
foul sewer air

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Fully coordinate with
Wavin Soil systems.